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FIC: Haven (Rodney/Ronon, PG)

So, LJ seems to be letting me post now. So... with corrections and LJ tags...

Haven (Rodney/Ronon)Collapse )


Utterly and completely gobsmacked. I cannot thank you all enough. I haven't looked at it all yet because sometimes I'm such a girl and I can't stop crying ... but you know in an awesome way. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never felt more loved. EVER.

Here's me bringing up the rear. ;)

Hi Mav! *waves* As you can see the lovely tx_tart got a wonderful little brain worm and 'lo! Goodies for you! (All for you, Mav, all for you.) You do so damn much for everyone and are generous to the point of needing to seek therapy, so consider this a big pollitt sized hug from me to you.

Um... unfortunately I'm a total LAME-O and haven't finished your present. >.>

I could go on about why, but there's no excuse other than yes, I'm a total lame-o. I promise it'll be finished soon, like in the next day or so. And with *all* these prezzies for you to wallow in I'm sure you'll be kept busy until then anyway!

So, I leave you with the warmest of thanks, the dirtiest of thoughts, and a weeeeee snippet.

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For the Awesome Mav

Thank you Mav, for being such a thoughtful, enthusiastic, best whip cracker, and most generous person around. We are lucky to have a friend like you.

I tried my hand at a little Dan and Duck.Collapse )

For Mav, from mboyd..

Mav, pollitt tried to post this, but couldn't, so tart asked me if I could do it for her..so from pollitt to you through me...

Mav, you're the bestest. You really are. We're so very
fortunate to have you as our friend, and I hope you
know how much we love you.

And from me, well, you keep me sane and make me a
better writer and... How are you so awesome?



For you.


(SGA, Ronon/Rodney)

Haven"> RodneyCollapse )

Joy to you on MavDay!

No one deserves this day more than you, Mav. It takes a rare talent to be so loved in all the fandoms that you've touched!

Sorry it isn't more my usual thing, but I'm nursing a couple of sprained wrists at the moment lol!

Happy Mav Day!

My dear Mav, I can't think of a single person who deserves a comm like this more than you do. I'm so glad I got to know you, and grateful to call you a friend.

I'm really not very handy with PhotoShop, but please know that I made this with love, touched by the story you wrote and the emotions it evoked.

(I have several others in the works for you also, but we all know how I am with deadlines! *g*)

Cover for 'Aloha'Collapse )

In Celebration of Mav!

Although I have occasion to tell you this on a regular basis, I really don't think I could possibly say it often enough: you're one of the most awesome people ever, and I feel really lucky to be friends with you. Happy Mav Celebration Day! :-D

Clicking on the banner above will take you to the Photobucket account where I've uploaded the theme I made for you. (Note: I had to reload four images, so they appear first, out of alphabetical order, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. *twitch*) ETA: I've now changed the link so that it takes you to the uploaded theme.

I know you wanted a Grant mood theme, but I hope a David Hewlett one will be okay—I mean, look how cute he was in Pin and Nothing! I just couldn't stand leaving them out! ;-) But even though this theme is, sort of by necessity, somewhat Rodney intensive, I've included as much Grant as I could.

Oh, and of course I'll be setting the whole thing up for you this weekend, as soon as you give me the okay to hack into your LJ account. *g*


Mood theme credits: I used screencaps/photos from a bunch of places, including my own and my friends' (including Mav's), but the majority came from #1 David Hewlett Fansite, Stargatecaps.com, and JAM's Padded Cell. I also used one screen cap from Saving The World.......(again).

Happy Mav Day!!

Mav, your generous nature, kind heart, and giving spirit are truly something to be celebrated. Of all the gifts you've given me, I believe Wilby Wonderful means the most. Not just the movie, but the wonderful fic you've written based on it. And so I've tried my hand at writing something in the 'Tumbleweeds' -verse.Collapse )

Happy Mav Day!!

To one of the most generous and thoughtful and awesome people I've ever met. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me and countless others.

Hope you have a great day!!Collapse )